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How To Make & Frequently Asked Questions

For first timers,
I know you may be unsure of what to do.
Don't worry!  It's very simple.

Don't be afraid to "experiment",
It's Fun!

Use small amounts for testing.
I'm here to help you with any questions.
Contact customer service anytime.

Cutting Oil   DPG
Cosmetic Grade Safe For Skin
Colorless & Orderless.
1 Gal. (8 lbs) 
@ $5.25 per lb  $42.00
1  LB  $5.50
purchase online click here

How To Cut Oil
1. fill 1/2 of a bottle with strong uncut oil.        
2. fill the other 1/2 with cutting oil (dpg)       
3. gently shake.        
If oil is still too strong, use less fragrance  
and more cutting oil.  
EVERY FRAGRANCE is different in strength.   
You may cut "Musk" once and "Gardenia" several times. 
It's up to you. - copyright
You can test for a skin reaction
by placing a few drops of oil
on either the underside of
your wrist or inside elbow.
Leave on for 24 hours,
then take a look see.
For Body Use - copyright
Place a drop of "uncut"  
oil on  your wrist -  
Does it burn?  
Then you need to dilute  
"cut" it.  
Does just one or two drops  
smell so strong, it is annoying  
to wear all day?  
Then you need to dilute  
"cut" it.  
(It is best to cut ALL oils
for body use
and for retail sales)
see more in FAQ below - copyright
Cutting Oil   DPG click here
What is? "uncut" What is? "cut"
"Uncut" oils are strong, just the way   
the perfume manufacturing houses    
make them.   
They can be too strong smelling   
for body use or may burn the skin.   
It is recommended you "cut" them   
to wear directly on your skin.   
"Uncut" oils are used for making candles,   
soaps, lotions, all body and bath,   
and any other craft project that requires   
the "stronger" scent.   
Although "cut" oils work for candles etc.,   
Why put dpg in your candle and soap?   
And "cut" oils are weaker in strength.
"Cut" oils are the "uncut"   
oil but dpg cutting oil has   
been added.   
We "cut" our oils by 1 time.   
You can add more dpg if you like.   
Cutting the oil is like diluting   
it's strength. Like adding water   
to frozen orange juice   
concentrate.  Add as much   
as you like.   
Once the oil is cut, it is now   
safe for wearing on your skin   
without burning and the   
smell is weaker.
For Use In Aroma Oil Burners  
It does not matter if you use   
"uncut" oil or "cut" oil in your aroma lamps.    
You should be filling the dish with water   
to the top and then add a few drops   
of oil - "uncut or "cut".   
The water is going to dilute it anyway.
 Frequently Asked Questions
How much oil do I use to make soap, candles etc.? 
I know you want me to tell you to use 1 oz of oil 
to X amount of product.  Sorry, can not do. 
Every soap base, candle wax, lotion etc. has a 
different threshold for oil absorption. 
Every person has a different tolerance of 
fragrance strength.  What is weak to me, may be 
too strong for you. 
The best way is to start SMALL AMOUNT, you can always add more. 
Also your "base" product should have a recommendation. 
Once you experiment, it will all come together!
Do I cut them to make soap, candles? 
"Uncut" oils are used for making candles, soaps, lotions, all body and bath, and any other craft project that requires   
the "stronger" scent.   
Although "cut" oils work for making candles and soap, the "cut" oil contains DPG oil. 
Why put dpg in your candles, lotions and soap?   
DPG is a colorless unscented oil used to "dilute".
Do I cut them to wear on my skin? 
Good idea.  Especially if you re-bottle to sell.
Do you sell the cutting oil? 
Yes - click here
What about to make spray mists to sell? 
Mix (aprox) 1/4 oz uncut fragrance oil with      
aprox 8 oz plain water from your sink or buy spring water or whatever.      
Then mix in aprox 1 teaspoon or more of regular alcohol or regular vodka. 
This will mix the water and oil together.    
Or you may find a company that sells "pre-mixed spray base".
What are the oils flash points? 
All oils have at least a 200 degree flash point.
Have a question? 
Some tricks and tips I use at my house
When someone is sick, like headache and nausea,
I use the aroma lamp with lavender.
When things are stressful by the end of the day,
I use chamomile or ylang ylang or one of
the aromatherapy oil blends for stress and calming.
In a spray bottle use lavender to spray yourself to keep mosquitoes away.
Infact, lavender keeps away many insects.
Fleas don't like lavender either...
so I spray my couch and the kids bedding where
the beloved dog makes herself at home.
I always have a spray bottle in the car with one fragrance
or another to freshen up after the smokers.
Add a few drops of oil to the rinse cycle of the wash.
Place a few drops on a used fabric softener sheet and
toss it in the dryer with the clothes.
Add a few drops to the hand washables in the sink.
Add a few drops of oil to the water when mopping your floors,
(try "Mango" for a super fresh fruity scent that fills the house with happiness).
I wear Mango, and people passing by say "wow what smells so good".
I just laught to myself and keep walking. 
Oh, I wear Sugar Cookie too.
Try It
As you learn what oils do for stress or love or healing etc.,
you'll find yourself using them all the time.
They are inexpensive, simple to use and very effective.
All oils are for external use only.  Keep out of the reach of children.
Small test area on skin is recommended.
DO NOT wear cinnamon on the skin.
Disclaimer: Information provided is not designed to diagnose, prescribe,
or treat any illness, or injury and is provided for informational purposes only.
Always consult a medical doctor, or other alternative medical practitioner
when suffering from any disease, illness, or injury,
or before attempting a traditional or folk remedy.
All of our oils are some of the finest you can find anywhere.
We are not, however, offering these products
with the intention of making any representations
as to their suitability for any medicinal use.
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